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November 5 2018 Agenda


Audio of the Commissioners’ Meeting on November 5th, 2018


The CAFO moratorium was extended until the January 22nd, 2019 Commissioners’ meeting.

November 5th, 2018

American structure point motion to approve. Passed


Minutes. Approved.

Mac Hines of Big Time Barbells presented results of his drug rehabilitation program and requested more funding. He was told to fill out a new application and was congratulated on his positive results.

Joe Edwards discussed the benefits of a Deed sale over a Certificate sale. The commissioners agreed that the deed sale may result in more properties being returned to the tax roll.

Stacy Wheeler presented information on the Back to School Teacher Store, requesting to place donation boxes around the courthouse to collect usable office supplies for schools. It was suggested that she place a large box in the lobby on the 1st floor.


Muncie Delaware senior center needs EDIT funds for new, safer and ADA compliant ramp. Motion to approve by Henry. Second by Riggin. Passed


Henry motion to approve the 2019 commissioner’s meetings. Riggin second. Passed.


Ashton labs surveyor. Motion by Riggin. Second by Henry. Passed.


Courts tech support and maintenance agreement. Henry moved. Riggin second. Passed.


Bridge #268 center stand collapsed and rotated piers. Henry moved to close the bridge in order to repair the piers, which will be delayed by the contractor until spring due to their other commitments. Riggin second. Passed.

Bridge #63 repair. Henry moved to have design plans prepared. Riggin second. Passed.

Health department fleet lease King moved to approve agreement , Henry second. Passed

Expand software. At the Redevelopment meeting presentation TIF districts agreed to pay. Riggin moved. Henry second. Passed.


Ordinance No. 2018-014 to amend ordinance 2016-006, The Materiality Policy as to Reporting to Indiana State Board of Accounts as to Erroneous or Irregular Material Variances, Losses, Shortages or Thefts and Creating Internal Controls for Delaware County, IN.    Moved by Henry to introduce. Second by Riggin. Passed. Riggin moved to suspend the rules. Henry second. Passed. Henry moved to adopt it. Seconded and passed.


King suggested to extend CAFO moratorium to January 22nd, 2019 moved by Henry, second by Riggin, passed.


Marta says CAFO Ordinance is online, here. GIS data will be put online as well.


Ron Quackenbush: SBO counties that are over 100,000 are required to use accrual based accounting system. Otherwise won’t be allowed to bond or borrow.


Payment of claims. Passed


Public comments :

Jennifer Irving: Will proposed changes to the Ordinance be posted online?
Response: January 3rd planning commission meeting will hear the proposed changes. If approved, then will be presented to commissioners.

Basic meeting observations:

The meeting began on time.

All members were present and punctual.

All members were courteous to each other and the public.

The facilities were adequate.

The agenda did not include discussion of an extension to the CAFO moratorium, which was mentioned by  King, moved by Henry, seconded by Riggin and approved by all.

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