Commissioner James King and Attorney John Brook discuss what led to the decision to move the jail.

All members present and punctual

Minutes approved
2019 holiday schedule, same as usual

EMS billing with Med-bill, negotiated a new agreement with increase

IT Service James King provided contact to Atty John Brooks, moved to table

Jason Rogers – Gaston wants to use a vehicle for first response vehicle instead of selling on  Approved

Nate Jones – VA Stand Down largest event ever plus employers and educational institutions.

Jail project King asked Brook to explain that the commissioners did their due diligence on this topic. Started with a Presentation by Garman (sp) and a report from the jail needing upgrades. The commissioners hired their own firm to fix the jail. There were issues that prevented it. They tried a green option but electricity was going to be a problem.

Rehabilitation in the facility, listening to people to put it in place but also avoid raising taxes. The sheriff’s candidates are using old information.

“One has a good job, and if one goes against someone that good job can go away.” – James King

“No one wants to build a jail.” – Henry

We are working hard.

Payment of claims. Approved.

Public comments
None. Recessed.

Voice Memo included

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