These posts are taken from the newsletter of the LWV of Upper Mississippi River Region. We think our community will be interested in these informative articles and videos. Please follow the links for the full stories!

Climate Change – What does it mean for Iowa?

Dr. Erv Klaas told us about the impact of climate change on Iowa, especially focusing on the extreme rainfall and flooding that is occurring now.  In this talk, Dr. Klaas links warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico with increased humidity and in turn more rainfall. 

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Soil health, climate change and adaptation

Dr. Jean Eells

Soil Health Explained

Dr. Jean Eells met with the LWV UMRR Board and guests, sharing her expansive knowledge of adult learning styles as she talked about soil health. Dr. Eells discussed the different ways that women and men  respond to information, and how best to reach women with soil health messaging.  

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Climate Adaptation – Threat and Opportunity

In this guest post, Matt Doll from the Minnesota Environmental Partnership looks at opportunities that exist for farmers in this time of changing climate.  One big idea who’s time may be coming is Kernza, a perennial variety of wheat.  

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