IndyStar Article, “The White River Will Never Be Clean Until We Tackle This Filth Hiding in Plain Sight”

The IndyStar examines the issue of toxic runoff into the White River. While the article focuses on the effects on water quality in the Indianapolis area, the problem is widespread and affects us all.

From the Sierra Club Newsletter:

Article: You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Life

The Trump administration’s proposal to dramatically weaken the Endangered Species Act amounts to death by a thousand cuts. If the administration has its way, profit-seeking will eventually eclipse the need to protect at-risk species.

Link: You Can’t Put a Price Tag on Life

From the Sierra Club Newsletter:

Campaign (form for submitting a message through the EPA Official Comment Docket on Water):

The Trump administration’s next attack on the Clean Water Act would keep your state from demanding that big polluters protect local waterways and drinking water sources. State governments and groups like the Sierra Club use Section 401 of the Clean Water Act to protect your local waterways.

Trump’s Coming for Your Local Waterways 

Climate Strike in Muncie

An older gentleman and a younger man sit side by side holding signs that say Climate Crisis! We demand action!

As part of the global climate strike held on Friday, September 20, approximately 25 activists from the  Muncie area gathered in front of the Delaware County Building at 4:00 pm. Ranging in age from under six months to over 70 years old, demonstrators drew attention to the need for governments worldwide to take measures to combat climate change. 

Drivers-by registered their support at the busy intersection by honking their horns as the lights changed.  

Friday, September 20

Demonstrators were supplemented by Muncie schools when the Homecoming Parade marched down Walnut Street. 

A group of protesters young and old march down the sidewalk holding signs demanding action on Climate Change.

The takeaway, in Muncie and across the globe, is clear:

If we hope to survive climate change, we must insist that governments devise and implement comprehensive, wide-ranging plans that effectively tackle it, before it’s too late.