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Seize Your Moment

This promises to be a challenging legislative session for achieving redistricting reform.  Tim Wesco of Elkhart county has been named the chair of the House Elections Committee.  He is NOT a fan of redistricting reform.   Bills must get out of committee before they can even be debated and voted on in the full House (or Senate).  

A brighter note is Senate Bill 91, authored by Sen. John Ruckelshaus (R), Sen. Mike Bohacek (R), and Sen. Jon Ford (R), which would establish a redistricting commission “because it’s the right thing to do.”  It has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Elections chaired by Sen. Greg Walker.

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Oscar Anderson (left) with Elbridge Gerry and a Coalition member
Linda Hanson, Spokesperson for LWV Muncie-Delaware, with Elbridge Gerry


What You Can Do

Nothing will happen, however, unless we, the voters of Indiana, insist on reform.  

Sign the Petition

Take a minute out of your holiday activity to SIGN the redistricting reform petition at –and share the link with your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors – anybody who believes that voters should choose their politicians, instead of politicians choosing their voters. 

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Redistricting Reform Petition

Call These Elected Officials

  • Call State Rep. Brian Bosma, Speaker of the House: 317-232-9677 or email 

– Urge him to make redistricting reform a priority in 2019!

  • Call State Sen. Rodric Bray, President Pro Tempore: 317-232-9400 or email 

– Urge him to make redistricting reform a priority in 2019!

During his 2016 campaign, Governor Holcomb said that he supported redistricting reform and hoped that it would be in place before the next round of electoral map drawing in 2021. 

Ask him to make that happen by publicly announcing his support for redistricting reform—specifically for a transparent and bipartisan process that puts citizens, not politicians, in charge of redistricting.



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