Redistricting Update

Issue after issue that arises

—education, gun violence, environmental concerns—reminds us that we need legislators and local officials who will respond to and work with constituents.


Unless all American citizens can vote, and know that their votes will count, we are not going to get past this crisis of democracy.

While we work to reduce barriers to voting, we continue to work for redistricting reform.

Take the End Gerrymandering Pledge and Pass it On…

We’ve got to spend this summer and fall doing what we can to keep redistricting reform on the General Assembly’s radar screen.  One of the best and easiest ways to do that is to take the End Gerrymandering Pledge  

Send above link to your local officials

Our Muncie City Council passed our coalition resolution for redistricting reform in September 2016, but it’s time to remind them too.  Send the link to the pledge to your city council and county commission members and ask them to take a stand for fair districts. 

Your Government Officials


Politicians Lose More Gerrymandering Cases in Court. Nearly 90 percent of maps drawn by independent commissions are upheld. Nearly 40 percent of maps drawn by politicians require court intervention. Common Cause. CLC Advancing Democracy Through Law

Politician Map Makers Keep Courts Busy

An interesting, but not surprising analysis by the Campaign Legal Center and Common Cause finds that:

States where politicians draw the maps are more likely to have their maps challenged in court than states that have a more independent redistricting process.  Read more here