END Gerrymandering NOW!

RIGHT NOW We are contacting legislators  to try to get them to pass a bill that would make the redistricting process transparent and open to the public. We want to have a website where people can create district maps to submit to the redistricting committee using the 2020 census results.

In the past, the only maps drawn up were drawn by the party in power, then presented to the committee without any other alternatives. There are 3 locations in Indiana where a person could go to draw maps for submission, located on the campuses of Notre Dame, University of Indianapolis, and Indiana University Bloomington. Very difficult to get people to go to those locations and spend hours reviewing the data and creating maps until they completed the entire state.

With an online resource, anyone can tinker with the map program until they get what they’re looking for. We’re hoping to create some maps that distribute representation proportionately with the population in Indiana so that people’s viewpoints are fairly represented in the Statehouse where they can be presented, discussed, and passed into law.

Redistricting Reform Now must be made through this last opportunity at making the process open and accessible to the public. Only SB293 Redistricting Transparency will improve our situation in 2020 over that of 2010. Go to END GERRYMANDERING NOW and sign the petition. Encourage your elected officials to sign the petition as well.

Senate Committee to Hear Bill

Senator Greg Walker has agreed to hear Senate Bill 293 in committee IF State Representative Tim Wesco will commit to hearing the bill in the house committee, upon passing the Senate.

Email or Call Senator Walker to Thank him in advance for hearing SB293 in Committee

 317-232-9984 Desk of Sen. Walker

Contact Rep. Tim Wesco

We urge you to contact Representative Tim Wesco at h21@iga.in.gov or call his desk at 317-232-9753 to encourage him in allowing the public to be included in the redistricting process this time.

Email Tim Wesco


However they use our census data to draw new district maps, we will be locked in until the next census in 2030. This is a critical bill that requires the voters to weigh in now in order to have their votes counted fairly later.

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LWV of Muncie/Delaware County

The local Muncie/Delaware County League of Women Voters is having a moment in Indiana League History. Our spokesperson, Linda Hanson is serving as the Co-President for the State league. Judy Kapoun is serving on both our local and state boards this year. Teresa Basey is serving on the website team for the state league, local league and is a member of the local board. 

From its inception, the league has paved the way for nonpartisanship and civic activism by ensuring that those who represent the league do so by addressing only the issues at hand, that those issues have been studied by members of the league, and come to factually sound, logical, reasoned conclusions in regards to recommendations for good governance. While the league heavily weighs its nonpartisanship before speaking, it also strongly encourages its members to participate in politics and government as they see fit. People are not nonpartisan because people have to choose candidates to vote for (or against) on Election Day. People must participate in the business of politics in a democratic society in order to strengthen the government through better candidates and therefore; better representation.

Being a league member doesn’t limit your ability to make a difference in government, it enhances it.

Act on Local Issues

As proud as I am that our local league is serving the State in so many ways, I must admit that there are not enough volunteers to call upon. As with many service groups, volunteer organizations, we lack active membership statewide. Despite our small numbers, 29 local leagues statewide, we have big plans for 2020, our 100th year of existence. 

Be a part of history with us. Join today!

Join the League

Global Change begins Locally

Donate to our local LWV here, we will use funding for educating the public on good governance practices and issues benefiting our community.

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