The Vote by Mail program on Saturday, 14 October, provided compelling information to support Vote by Mail legislation in the next session of our legislature—not least of which is that it would save Indiana tax payers an estimated $4.4 million dollars!

Indiana Vote by Mail is a non-partisan organization working to enact legislation to simplify the voting process, eliminate voting lines, and increase voter participation. Barb Tully and Jenny Young addressed barriers to voting that would be eliminated by enabling Vote by Mail and cited successes in Oregon and Colorado—with greatly increased voter participation.

How Does Vote by Mail Work?

  • Ballots are mailed to every registered voter prior to election.
  • Ballots are secure and trackable throughout the process.
  • Electronic scanning registers ballots and verifies voter identification.
  • The process eliminates the possibility of ineligible voters and anyone voting more than once.
  • Voters can still choose to vote at a polling site.

Linda photographed this drop box in Limon, CO, in August.

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