Voter Service Monthly Report Ending 4-14-2020

March 10 through April 14, 2020

Not a lot to report because of the state wide Stay-in-Place order. 

Julie Mason, Second Harvest Tailgate

Before the order went into effect, Cindy Peters and Stacey Ingram handed out Voter Registration and Vote by Mail absentee ballot request forms at the Whitely Food Pantry tailgate.



Submitted by Stacey Ingram and Cindy Peters

League of Women Voters of Muncie-Delaware County 
Voter Service co-chairs

Teresa Basey, Linda Hanson, Cindy Peters, and Stacey Ingram have been working on securing email addresses for the candidates running in the June 2, 2020 Primary election and emailing them Vote411 questions.  Questions are out, and answers should be going up on the Vote411 website before the end of the month. 

Vote by Mail and Voter Registration

Finally, Julie Mason has been in contact with the Collective Coalition of Concerned Clergy.  They are very interested in having us come to church services or events after the Stay-in-Place order is lifted, and in having us register people at their bi-weekly Food Pantry (Second Harvest). 

To help get people registered to vote before the Stay-in-Place order is lifted, we are sending Vote by Mail request forms, instructions and deadlines for filling them out, as well as Voter Registration forms to the CCCC so they can hand them out as they wish.

Candidate Forums

We will not move ahead on Candidate Forums for the June 2nd Primary until the Stay-in-Place order is lifted.


Print Your Own Primary Vote by Mail Form
which is due to your County Clerk’s office by May 21, 2020