League Day at the Statehouse, 16 January 2019


By Linda Hanson

Our Fabulous Four

Linda Hanson, Judy Kapoun, Julie Mason, and Katie Williams of the Muncie-Delaware County League joined about 40 other League members from around the state in Indianapolis on Wednesday to confer about League priorities and talk to our respective legislators regarding bills before the 2019 Indiana General Assembly.

Coming up…                        Saturday, 26 January

To learn more about education legislation, come to our joint LWV and AAUW (American Association of University Women) meeting on Saturday, 26 January, 10 am, at MOMs

(Motivate our Minds, 2023 E Highland Ave, Muncie, IN  47303)

Coming up…                      Saturday, 09 February

Our legislative update on February 9 at Maring-Hunt Library will provide further opportunity for all of us to hear from and speak with Senator Tim Lanane, Representatives Sue Errington and Melanie Wright, and potentially others whose districts include parts of Delaware County.

Report on Legislator meetings

LWVM-DC Spokesperson Linda Hanson, Judy Kapoun, Julie Mason, and Katie Williams met with Senators Tim Lanane and Mike Gaskill and Representatives Sue Errington and Melanie Wright.  Representative Kevin Mahan had to cancel our appointment at the last minute.  With each of our legislators we were able to discuss the necessity for Redistricting Reform during this session as well as gun safety bills, natural resources bills, and education legislation we support (more on those specifics bills will be forthcoming). 

Each of our legislators would appreciate feedback from constituents about legislative priorities.  To provide yours, go to Senator Lanane’s or your Representative’s website and click on their legislative survey.  They want to be able to speak from awareness of their constituents’ opinions!

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