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Women's Health

Women's Health Advocacy Update - LWVIN - 2/8/2021
By Sabrina Glidden
Posted on 2/10/2021 7:23 PM

Below is the latest update from LWVIN Women's Health Advocate Pam Locker. 




The Indiana League continues to be a member of the Indiana Reproductive Roundtable, HAPA (Health Advocacy & Privacy Alliance) and the Indiana Equality Pay$ Coalition.


As the reproductive rights/equal pay advocate I am following 24 bills, covering equal pay, abortion restrictions, health care for incarcerated women, sexual education, pregnancy & childbirth accommodation, paid family & medical leave, doula services, birth control coverage, maternal mortality, postpartum Medicaid coverage, and the child & dependent tax credit.  All of these bills are still sitting in committee, with these two exceptions:

  • SB 399 (Abortion), which states that if the U. S. Supreme Court overrules Roe v. Wade or otherwise opens the door for outlawing abortion, the General Assembly would be mandated to convene a special session to consider legislation to restrict or outlaw abortion. Senator Liz Brown, the primary sponsor of SB 399, is the committee chair of Judiciary where the bill currently sits, so it is likely this bill will receive a hearing.

  • SB 10 (State Maternal Mortality Review Committee) is still waiting on the Senate floor for a second reading. The bill had been calendared for its second reading this week after passing unanimously out of the Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services. This bill has many co-authors from both sides of the aisle.  Indiana is in the top 5 for the highest rate of childbirth-related deaths among women. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR STATE SENATOR AND ASK THAT HE/SHE ACTIVELY SUPPORT THIS BILL.

Here is a list of all the bills of interest in this session and the committees to which they have been assigned.  The Senate deadline for bills to pass out of committee is February 18th and the House is February 16th. If these bills do not receive a committee hearing by these dates, they will be dead this session. 

The bills in red are those that the Indiana League opposes; the rest we support.


COURTS & CRIMINAL CODE (HOUSE) Chairperson Republican Wendy McNamara

HB 1349: Health care for incarcerated women

HB 1430: Protections for pregnant inmates

HB 1439: Coerced abortions, protection of a fetus, and wrongful death or injury of a child


EDUCATION (HOUSE) Chairperson Republican Robert Behning

HB 1366: Comprehensive sexual health education


EMPLOYMENT, LABOR & PENSIONS (HOUSE) Chairperson Republican Heath VanNatter

HB 1011: Equal pay; wage disclosure protection

HB 1136: Paid family and medical leave program

HB 1192: Wage range inquiries

HB 1245: Pregnancy and childbirth discrimination

HB 1309: Pregnancy accommodation

HB1358: Pregnancy and childbirth accommodation


FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS & INSURANCE (HOUSE) Chairperson Republican Martin Carbaugh

HB 1350: Coverage for doula services

HB 1525: Assigned assured plan for birth control coverage


HEALTH & PROVIDER SERVICES (SENATE) Chairperson Republican Ed Charbonneau

SB 10: Statewide maternal mortality review committee



SB 298: Doula services


JUDICIARY (HOUSE AND SENATE) House Chairperson Republican Gerry Torr and Senate Chairperson Republican Liz Brown

HB 1310: Abortion

HB 1539: Protection of life

HB 1557 Abortion

SB 399: Abortion


PENSIONS & LABOR (SENATE) Chairperson Republican Philli Boots

SB 313: Paid family and medical leave program

SB 314: Wage history

SB 246: Pregnancy and childbirth accommodations


PUBLIC HEALTH (SENATE) Chairperson Republican Brad Barrett

HB 1155: Postpartum Medicaid coverage.

HB 1577: Telemedicine and abortion related services


TAX & FISCAL POLICY (SENATE) Chairperson Republican Travis Holdman 

SB 355: Child and dependent care tax credit


Pam Locker

LWVIN Women's Health Advocate