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Hoosier Suffrage, Resources, & Covid Scheduling Adjustments

Kourtney McCauliff | Published on 8/28/2020

Hoosier Suffrage, Resources, & Centennial Scheduling Adjustments

Kourtney McCauliff - 8/28/2020

On August 26, 1920, the 19th amendment was successfully ratified. That ratification forever protects American woman’s right to vote. It is estimated that more than 68 million women vote in our elections, which is all thanks to the courageous suffragists that fought for voting equality. This is a fight that started in 1848, when they first demanded women have the right to vote at the first women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls, New York. Many notable Hoosiers helped women gain the right to vote; several were right here in Delaware County.

It has been the hope of the League of Women Voters of Muncie-Delaware County to celebrate this success throughout 2020 with great events, gatherings, and local highlights of the suffrage movement; however, as we all know, COVID-19 has forced us all to change our plans quite a bit this year. That does not mean we won’t still hold those celebrations and highlights to the movement, though. The Muncie League plans to move many of our planning efforts to 2021, allowing us to also adjust our plans to include not just the suffrage movement, but the fight for voter equality for all our citizens. 

In the meantime, there are a lot of great resources out there to learn more about the movement to tide you over until we can safely gather in person to celebrate. Below we’ve highlighted just a few of the resources you have at your fingertips. Please be sure to follow Muncie LWV on Facebook and get signed up to get our newsletter, as we always share events that are happening and use those to highlight other resources. To see our happenings in the state chapter, please follow Indiana LWV on Facebook too (@LWVIndiana). We’re excited to have you be a part of all we’re doing in Indiana!

Women's Vote Centennial (National)
Women's Vote Centennial (Indiana specific)
2020 Women's Vote Centennial Initiative
National Women's History Alliance
Women's Suffrage Centennial & Further Links/Events
Indiana Women's Suffrage Centennial Delaware County Historical Society, featuring Notable Muncie Women 

There are several more resources out there, these are some of the ones we have been following closely. We look forward to celebrating with you all soon. Until then, stay safe and be sure to continue to exercise your right to vote!