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Local Honorees Awarded at Women's Equality Day Ceremony

Marnee Cooley  | Published on 9/6/2020

Photo: Left, Linda Hanson. Right, Julie Mason

Our Women's Equality Day Program was held August 26, the hundredth anniversary of the passing of Amendment XIX, giving women the right to vote. It was a virtual program and honored six local women, two of them are our own members.


Congratulations to LWV of Muncie/Delaware County Leadership Team members – Linda Hanson, for her work in Civic Education and Service, and Julie Mason, for her work in Civic Service – on receiving the 2020 Vivian Conley award for their outstanding community service!


The other four were Heidi Hale for her art work and marketing, Julie Borgmann for her work in Environmental Protection, Faith Serf for her work in Public Education and Jayne Beilke for her work in service relative to racial inclusion and justice.  They all received a Vivian Conley award certificate.  We also had a scholarship recipient, Jennifer Randall.  Vivian Conley was at the forefront of many community issues relating to education, civil rights and older residents.  She enrolled at Ball State at age 61 and was the founder of the Non-Traditional Student Association and credited with directing more than 150 young people and adults into college programs.  She was hailed by many as "Muncie's own Mother Teresa."