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Gerrymander Meander Votercade in Indianapolis

Linda Hanson | Published on 7/28/2021

Gerrymander Meander Votercade calls for Redistricting Reform in Creative, Fun Wayskinley at gerrymandering meander

Indianapolis - The "Gerrymander Meander Votercade" was held on July 17, 2021. The votercade started at Indiana District 4, at the corner of 38th and Meridian to Indiana House District 5, at the corner of 86th and Meridian, going past the Governor's Mansion. July 17 is a significant date, as it was the birthday of Elbridge Gerry, the man credited with the creation of the political techniques known today as "gerrymandering."

All IN FOR DEMOCRACY redistricting reform advocates gathered to hear "Elbridge Gerry," one volunteer who, dressed as the once Vice President would have, speak in the character of Gerry, reading to us the message he delivered to Governor Holcomb. Gov. Gerry called for Fair Maps and cautioned Gov. Holcomb not to make the same mistake he himself had made, forever associating his name with that mistake. He asks for his good name back!

volunteer acts as VP Gerry in gerrymandering meander votercade

According to Julia Vaughn of Common Cause Indiana, "more than 80 advocates participated," in the votercade. The event was planned by the Indiana Coalition of Independent Redistricting, consisting of twenty-five advocacy organizations, and was cofounded by Common Cause Indiana.