Dr. Alice A. Johnson, Superintendent

Please share the figures you cited about the time school staff spend on testing (100 out of 180 days worth!). Is that the total of all staff or is it 100 days for each of the persons involved? What do those individuals NOT do because they’re focusing on testing?

Corporation Test Coordinator, 3 building level coordinator’s, 2 guidance counselors, are involved in pre-administration webinars, numerous e-mail communications from the DOE/Testing companies for months prior to any testing administration. We are in testing windows alone approximately 100 days of the school year. http://www.doe.in.gov/sites/default/files/assessment/2016- 2017indianaassessmentwindows7-2-15b.pdf

Are there privatized testing companies that can provide job opportunities and free up time for school administration?

I am not aware of this.

You supported Indiana Writing Project professional development for teachers at all levels in your school district. Why? What impact did it have on student achievement?

I have supported the Indiana Writing Project because I believe that students typically struggle with writing. I believe they only struggle because they are not encouraged to express themselves freely. They tend to have a lack of confidence it ‘what’ to write, rather than letting themselves ‘free write and be authentic’.


The Indiana Writing Project embraces the REALITY of using words to create vibrant mental pictures. I love that students learn that writing (THINKING) can be first about…vomiting out your absolute random thoughts onto a piece of paper, THEN chunking, chucking, revising, peer revising, etc., to get a great end product. I love the Indiana Writing Project actually TEACHES the process of writing, because what they are really doing is TEACHING the process of THINKING. ISN’T that what education is fundamentally about?

Content area teachers in my schools have learned to teach kids how to think and write about the content area. How have our students benefited? Beyond the nitty gritty of individual student’s actually learning to ENJOY writing, take a look at the student achievement improvement on those pesky ISTEP tests.

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