You count!  Our community counts!  Be counted! #2020Census

You count!  Our community counts!  Be counted!

With a new decade comes a new census. Responding to the decennial #2020Census is our civic duty and it can greatly benefit our community.  Learn more at and get ready to respond this month!

Census data affects the allocation of funding for Delaware County’s schools, community organizations, and government. For more information on how to support our community, visit

Indiana receives more than $11 billion in funding as a result of accurate census data. Making sure you’re counted can ensure this funding goes to our community and its programs. More info:  

Businesses often reference census data to determine where to expand. Let’s make sure that data is complete and accurate by responding to the #2020Census. More info:

Census data determines our electoral districts–for U.S. congress, the IN Senate and House of Representatives, County Commissioners and County Council members, and even City Council members.  And the incumbents redraw the lines.  Join the League to provide citizen input to the redistricting process and create fair maps for our future!

Census counts help us all!  

Census results are used by our elected officials to allocate funding for schools across Delaware County.

Your privacy is important. That’s why the Census Bureau is legally required to ensure your data remains anonymous. You don’t have to pick between your privacy and your community! More info:

Delaware County is home to hundreds of organizations that work tirelessly to support our community. Make sure they have the proper funding by responding to the #2020Census. Wondering how to take it?

Visit to learn more.