Happy Birthday, LWV!

Happy Birthday, League of Women Voters of Muncie-Delaware County!

It is the LWV’s 100th birthday and we need YOUR help celebrating! Please help us get over 100 posts (one for each of our years!) by doing one, or both, of the below (free) ways to celebrate the League, and all that we collectively have accomplished since conception in 1920. 






Ready your laptop! 
Grab your celly!
Start up your puter!

When: On Friday, February 14, 2020 create a birthday post to the LWV to help spread the word of our birthday. 


How: All of the instructions are included on the attached guide for hashtags and other helpful information. Share to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more! The more it is shared, the more people are aware of our great group!


Remember: Feel free to make the message personal about why YOU are involved with the league. Invite your followers to share their own messages and posts about LWV as well. We do ask that you keep all posts in line with our branding and with a positive representation of the League. 


Don’t forget to tag @LWVMDC in all of your posts!


Instruction Guide

Share: Throughout the day, remember to go in and like the comments people add to your post, comment on other posts you see and continue to keep the conversation going on all of the Social Media platforms. The more visible these posts are throughout the day, the more momentum our campaign will have.

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Happy Birthday, LWV!


Spread the Word about VOTE411.org

Please reach out if you have any questions! admin@lwvmunciedelaware.org 

How: Email your contacts with the included information about voter awareness. Feel free to make a second post throughout the weekend with Vote 411 information included on your Social Media platforms too!

Remember: Keep @LWVMDC and @LWVIN tagged in all of your posts. Keep the conversation visible by responding to comments, questions and likes. Every time you respond, the conversation gets bumped back to the top for more people to see.

We are so excited to celebrate our 100th year as a League and can’t wait to see all of your posts. Our goal is to get to 100 posts, 1 for each of our years.   

Will you help us? 


Great posts include: 
Photos! Humor! Truth! #Hashtags and @Callouts


Happy Birthday, LWV!