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  • Matilda Joslyn Gage
    “It has not been without bitter resistance by the clergy that woman’s property and education rights have advanced,” Gage wrote. “Woman’s anti-slavery work, her temperance work, her demand for personal rights, for political equality, for religious freedom and every step of kindred character has met with opposition from the church as a body and from […]
  • Redistricting for Education
      Final Redistricting Seminar November 2019 with fact sheet (PowerPoint File)       PRINT AND MAIL to your State Legislators   
  • Redistricting Reform November
  • Voter Services October
    Muncie Central Opportunity Tables We staffed a table on October 22nd to introduce the students to the League of Women Voters, explaining how we began, what we do to defend our democracy, what we need help with right now, and inviting students to join us for only $5.00 thanks to the scholarship from the LWV […]
  • LWV/NICD Civilian Network
    The League of Women Voters has been defending our democracy for 100 years. We respond to relevant issues of modern day American politics and society by studying the facts and consulting with experts. Follow our blog to see how our dialogue on Civility in American Politics affects our leadership in 2020.
  • Untitled
    Support HR1 For The People Act The For The People Act is core to decades of League work.   This democracy reform bill will give states the resources to ensure the voting rights of all citizens. The bill was introduced in the Senate on March 28, 2019 and is now in the Senate Finance Committee.  It […]
  • October 2019 Natural Resources Blog
    IndyStar Article, “The White River Will Never Be Clean Until We Tackle This Filth Hiding in Plain Sight” The IndyStar examines the issue of toxic runoff into the White River. While the article focuses on the effects on water quality in the Indianapolis area, the problem is widespread and affects us all. From the […]
  • Natural Resources Calendar
    Calendar of Events Get involved in protecting Indiana’s Natural Resources!  November 2019 Saturday, November 16 HEC 12th Annual Greening the Statehouse IMMI Conference Center, Westfield, IN From HEC’s website: “the largest annual gathering of environmentally-minded Hoosiers. It is the year’s best chance to learn about upcoming legislative issues, engage with environmental public policy experts, and […]
  • Indiana Legislation Heads-Up
    CONTACT your Legislators to Register your Support for these Important Bills! October, 2019 Public Transportation—SB285 SB285 is intended to enable communities across Indiana to raise dedicated funds for mass transit. (Public transportation lowers demand for fossil fuels and reduces carbon emissions contributing to climate change.)   Summary of SB285 ( Regional transit expansion. Allows counties to […]
  • The Complexity Index
    What is the complexity index? The Indiana General Assembly establishes a per-pupil basic tuition support amount for each budget year. Multiply that times the district's number of students (ADM) on count day in the fall and spring, and it is the state-funded amount school districts receive for general classroom expenses, including teacher pay. The complexity […]