LWV/CAP Gun Safety Coalition


LWV/CAP Gun Safety Coalition

Judy Kapoun, coalition representative for the LWV of Muncie/Delaware County, sends this alert.

The Senate Education and Career Development Committee 
will hear HB 1253 
Wed. Apr 3 1:30-5:00 pm. in the Senate Chamber
HB 1253:
Handgun training for teachers. Creates a specialized firearms safety, education, and training curriculum (curriculum) for teachers, school staff, and school employees. Specifies curriculum requirements. Authorizes funds from the Indiana safe schools fund (fund) to be used for curriculum related expenses. Provides that the identity of any person who: (1) receives a grant from the fund; or (2) enrolls in, participates in, or completes certain specialized firearm instruction; is confidential. Makes conforming amendments
Neither of the Senators for Delaware County, Tim Lanane or Mike Gaskill, is on the committee, but stay tuned if/when this bill goes to the Senate for a vote.
Members of the Committee:
Jeff Raatz R Chair
John Crane R Ranking member
Brian Buchanan R  
Aaron Freeman R  
Dennis Kruse R  
Jean Leising R  
Linda Rogers R  
Victoris Spartz R  
Eddie Melton D Ranking minority member
Frank Mrvan D  
Mark Stoops D  

Should Teachers Carry Handguns in our Schools?

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