Revive Civility: Our Democracy Depends on It…  


In today’s political climate and culture, it may feel like civility is becoming the exception instead of the rule. As the debate on issues becomes more strident, it becomes harder to identify common ground and shared solutions. 

As a trusted, nonpartisan organization, the League’s collective voice has the potential to “cut through the noise.” However, how our message on issues is delivered can have as much impact as the message itself.  As we know, relationships are critical. Trust-building and team-work are essential because people must come together to fix problems and create compromises on issues. There must be mutual respect between participants to enhance strong dialogue.  

Civil discourse, debating (not arguing), and listening to the other side are critical to building trust.  The League has opened a national discussion to promote civil discourse. 

Civil discourse is discourse that supports, rather than undermines, the societal good. It demands that democratic participants respect each other, even when that respect is hard to give or to earn.


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On March 4th, Pearce Godwin

~ a moderate conservative and Executive Director of the National Conversation Project, joined the LWV civility call to address participants’ hopes for engaging conservatives.   Godwin is also author of the brief “Field Playbook on Engaging Conservatives. 

Link to National Conversation Project

On April 9th, Ted Celeste

Democrat, former Ohio State Representative and NICD Director of State Programs, and Tom Niehaus, Republican, former President of the Ohio Senate and Next Gen Facilitator join the conversation to share their experience of working
across the legislative aisle and training policy makers through a workshop called “Building Trust through Civil Discourse.”

On May 14th, Liz Joyner

from Village Square will join the video call to continue the conversation about Welcoming Conservatives.